Sams Blog Part 3

This week, I’ve been hounding social media like some kind of stalker. I’ve lost count of how many posts I’ve done, how many times I’ve @ a football team or @ Sky/BBC News. Still, all in good faith that the brand is being recognised! I think this week has been a real test for me. […]

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Fainty’s Blog Part 2

I know these roads well, driving to Upton Park with my Dad for as long as I could remember. As a Basildon boy it’s a simple journey up the A13, full of anticipation. Jump in my Dads silver Ford Mondeo and you would hear the early kick off on the radio, fever rising and itching […]

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Stuarts Blog Part 2

As a Tottenham fan I am pleased we haven’t bought anyone. We don’t need to upgrade the first team. For the last 2 years we’ve had the best defensive record and the top goalscorer in the Premier League and last year 2 of our midfielders hit or almost hit the 20 goal mark. What we […]

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Sams Blog Part 2

What a funny old week this has been, I’ve started this whole thing knowing nothing about football what so ever (I still don’t know what the offside rule is, so don’t get too excited) to knowing a small amount, and actually being able to join in football related conversations in the office! I had our […]

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Fainty’s Blog Part 1

Whoever they are, I am certain, they didn’t support West Ham United Football Club. Over the last few weeks I have seen story after story about us being linked with player after player, some clearly nonsense and some a bit more set in reality. Like the rest of us I have become frustrated with our […]

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Sams Blog Part 1

So, this week I’ve been given the task of posting news and transfers on social media. Using social media every day, it didn’t seem like a big task to me, however….. being a complete football novice, I’m also having to pick up the whole understanding of the game from scratch (It didn’t exactly fill me […]

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Stuarts Blog Part 1

So, after the meeting with the Happenweb guys last Friday I have now a whole tonne of work to do. Spreadsheets galore are needed to populate the data of the app itself but I am up to the task. There’s two things I know: spreadsheets and football, and I know them well! It’s all very […]

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