Sams Blog Part 1

confused face

So, this week I’ve been given the task of posting news and transfers on social media. Using social media every day, it didn’t seem like a big task to me, however….. being a complete football novice, I’m also having to pick up the whole understanding of the game from scratch (It didn’t exactly fill me with joy) In the hopes that the news I’m posting isn’t complete and utter rubbish, and I’m tagging the right teams in the status/tweet.

But!!!…..So far this week I’ve actually learned quite a lot about football in general….. why some players are worth millions, and I mean millions!!, and some are only worth a few million. Who some of the players are and what teams they play for. I still can’t get me head around why Arsenal and Tottenham hate each other so much, but I guess that’s for another time! I’ve found myself watching A Question of Sport of an evening, in the hopes I might understand the slightest bit of it! But for now, I just like Phil Tufnell!

I’m sure I’ll get laughed at a lot along this journey, asking my poor colleagues the dumbest of questions. (They’re not dumb to me!) But as a 20 something year old female, who has no idea about anything football related, we have to start somewhere, right?

I’ve also learned that fans of football need an outlet, a voice. Not just chanting and shouting obscenities in the stadium or at the TV, there had to be a way of venting this into something constructive, that could be heard in the right way. Why not have an app! If you didn’t like the ref, thought he was being unfair, the app is your chance be the voice that’s actually heard. Not just heard by your neighbours, or the person standing next to you in the stadium shouting with you!

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