Fainty’s Blog Part 1

Whoever they are, I am certain, they didn’t support West Ham United Football Club. Over the last few weeks I have seen story after story about us being linked with player after player, some clearly nonsense and some a bit more set in reality. Like the rest of us I have become frustrated with our [lack of] transfers. After last season’s, disastrous, summer transfer window, I was hoping that we would put this right. Get our business done early and more importantly get it done right. It started off well enough with a quality player like Zabaleta coming in before the transfer window was even open, but, as so often with supporting West Ham (even though I am only 23), disappointment was just around the corner.

But, whilst driving home from work, stuck on the A13 as I usually am on a Tuesday afternoon opposite the statues of Bobby Moore and Sir Alf Ramsey outside Barking rugby club I started to think. Yes, I know dangerous and all that. The print media want to sell papers and social media outlets want views. Not the most enlightening or original thoughts granted, but it led to some internal questions. How do they attract an audience? They do so by printing or posting stuff we, their potential audience, want to hear about, regardless of where on the spectrum of truth it lies.

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