Sams Blog Part 2

What a funny old week this has been, I’ve started this whole thing knowing nothing about football what so ever (I still don’t know what the offside rule is, so don’t get too excited) to knowing a small amount, and actually being able to join in football related conversations in the office! I had our first Pitch meeting, where I didn’t tune out half way through because I had no idea what they were talking about.

So this week, I am still marketing the app via our social media sites….and are in talks about going to stadiums on match days and handing out flyers….. well guess who was the first to volunteer themselves for it!! ME!

Now normally, there would be no way I’d offer! But I had a sudden burst of confidence and there’s no way I can take that one back! So, if you see me outside the stadiums in my bright top, be nice to me! Or better still come and say hi!

Who knows….. maybe by next week I might be able to update you all and tell you I understand the offside rule…… which I’m told, not many men fully understand either! Haha. There’s hope for me yet.


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