Stuarts Blog Part 2

As a Tottenham fan I am pleased we haven’t bought anyone. We don’t need to upgrade the first team. For the last 2 years we’ve had the best defensive record and the top goalscorer in the Premier League and last year 2 of our midfielders hit or almost hit the 20 goal mark. What we need is a stronger bench, we don’t need to spend silly money on anyone!

Invest in youth. Bring the young players through and develop them. The bigger picture is national football so doesn’t it make sense? England has had great success in the past few weeks with our under 20’s and under 19’s but the problem is that the vast majority of the players will drop from the radar. Success is demanded instantly these days from the owners of Premier League teams so teams like Chelsea and Man City will just chuck their money at a half decent player and hope it sticks. Neither team really gives any of their youth team players a chance, a player isn’t going to be played ahead of a new £40million signing and will slowly drop down the leagues. Some get lucky. Trippier for example, a Man City youth team player who was released on a free was picked up by Burnley and flourished. They then sold him to Tottenham a few years later. The irony? At the end of last season Trippier not only usurped the right-back position from Walker at Spurs but also got called up to the England squad and Walker? We’ve just sold him to Man City for £50million……

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