Fainty’s Blog Part 2

I know these roads well, driving to Upton Park with my Dad for as long as I could remember. As a Basildon boy it’s a simple journey up the A13, full of anticipation. Jump in my Dads silver Ford Mondeo and you would hear the early kick off on the radio, fever rising and itching to get to our usual parking space just off the Barking Road. I’m travelling in the opposite direction this evening, back home towards Essex. The road travelled after the match, me and dad would have radio 5’s Sports Report on. That theme tune still makes me bob my head and stirs something deep inside, listening to that afternoons results and figuring out what this meant for our position in the table. I’m about to be relieved from the shackles of average speed cameras as the sight of Tilbury Dock looms large and I think to myself ‘there is no smoke without fire’, but surely media outlets get their information from somewhere, right? We constantly hear on Sky Sports News HQ about well-placed and highly reputable sources telling them that team x if interested in signing player y for… well pick a random number add 10 and put a million after it. There are great sources of course, ex West Ham employee is normally spot on, but it would be foolish to believe that every news outlet uses these great sources all of the time. Fire creates smoke, equally so do embers, small and fleeting, they can go out easily.

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