Sams Blog Part 3

This week, I’ve been hounding social media like some kind of stalker. I’ve lost count of how many posts I’ve done, how many times I’ve @ a football team or @ Sky/BBC News. Still, all in good faith that the brand is being recognised!

I think this week has been a real test for me. It might not seem like I’m doing much, but when you’re sitting here typing away on social media…. something you read sparks off an idea, so you research into it and try to find out a bit more about it. Suddenly you’re a million miles away from the thing you were doing in the first place with hundreds of web pages now open on your desktop. I really must stop doing that.

Although, things are moving in the right direction! I have been in touch with a Premier League team stadium marketing department. We are now their official match ball sponsor for a game this year. I’ll reveal who they are soon! Keep your eyes peeled for this! We’re very excited!

Just waiting on the contract to be sent so we can get it signed. Then getting our advertising content over to them as well, this is the first big thing I’ve achieved for Pitch, and I’m just a little proud of myself.

Other than that, a few other tasks I have assigned myself are Guerrilla Marketing Ideas, costs and other ways of getting the brand out there! More spreadsheets!!

Well, I suppose I better get on with it.

And FYI…. I still don’t know what the bloody offside rule is….. I should really add that to my “To-Do” list.

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