Stuarts Blog part 3

Football in the media and general punditry… Do you get handouts for only talking about specific clubs? It is hard to believe I know, but there are in fact other clubs than the two Manchester teams and Chelsea.

For the last couple of seasons Tottenham have finished above both of the Manc clubs and for one of them, above Chelsea too. Yet when the so called ‘impartial’ media discuss the Premier League it is apparently a foregone conclusion that one of those clubs will win the league and not Tottenham, or Liverpool or A*****l. If Liverpool sort out their defence they will be a threat, A*****l are always a threat (even if they do generally fall away) and Spurs have proved in the last few years that they are most certainly a threat. Just not according to the national media.

I used to religiously watch Football Focus on a Saturday morning, until it began to become the Man Utd show, regardless of how well they were doing in the league. I haven’t watched it for years now and nor have I watched Match of the Day live for years either. It doesn’t matter that West Brom v Stoke ended in a 5-5 draw with 3 sendings off and a spectacular overhead Pele kick goal, no. The first match on the list, the one that is the longest on the show, will be United’s 0-0 draw with Hull…. Some form of Watchdog committee should exist for this so called ‘unbiased’ reporting because it is, and has been for years completely biased. There are twenty teams in the Premier League BBC and Sky, not just three or four!

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