Fainty’s Blog Part 3

In mid-July, this is what we have, embers, small morsels to go on. We are constantly told to view the media with scepticism, to not believe everything we read in the newspapers. But this is hard when we think that something positive is going to happen, we cling onto it with all our might and when the inevitable happens and the outcome is not what we want, we get angry. We look to blame people and this brings me onto our board and whilst I believe that some of the criticism of them is justified a significant part of me thinks its unjust, unfounded and misdirected.

Last season we were linked with Lacazette who has now gone to Arsenal for £46.5 million (with a real possibility of increasing to excess of £50million). If anyone believes that West ham have this sort of money you are in dream land. Our most expensive player before last season was Andy Carroll for £15 million. This means we would have had to smash our transfer record 3 times over to even be in contention to sign him and when you compare the lure of West Ham to Arsenal, let’s not beat around the bush, we are always going to come out second best. Don’t even get me started on wages. To put it simply, it was never going to happen and it has been confirmed this season.

It was an ember, bright and fleeting but full of promise. It’s hard to not get caught up in all this excitement, I was optimistic and constantly checking every forum, website and newspaper for any developments that I became somewhat obsessed. It was in the papers it must be true! What I didn’t do was consider further details and think rationally. That’s not as much fun, is it? I should have said to myself, where did this source come from, who were they, what were their motivations, was there even a source or was it a ploy to get West Ham fans to view the website. I mean why would they do that right? Instead I got angry at the board at the people who make the decisions at the club. We are pathetic I thought, why didn’t we just buy him what a joke of a club and our transfer policy is s***e.

But the media make this public knowledge and its 99% b******s, the club have no intentions of ever buying half of these player, yet we get angry when the inevitable happens. Do we know what stage we are at in the process of buying Hernandez or Arnautovic? Are we even interested or is it more sh**? Do we know what they are demanding in terms of wages, bonuses and contracts? No of course we don’t. They might be demanding ridiculous wages and transfer prices that make no economics sense to West Ham, we simply might not be able to afford them so we tell them to p*** off. In doing so the fans get frustrated. Just look at the latest with Arnautovic. We offered stoke 15 million then 20 million. That is more than sufficient. Dimitri Payet wanted out last season a very similar to situation Stoke and Arnautovic, we sold him for £25 million. Arnautovicis not a Payet, he is a talented player but 20 million is the maximum that we should be putting up for him. Any more and its silly money, yet I still hear fans on social media saying that Karen Brady, and the two Dave’s are tight as a*******s. F*****g hell these guys can’t win.

So, what is the lesson here, shall we all join hands with other clubs in a circle and sing the praises of our respective boards. It’s not their fault that the media spout this nonsense and they take the backlash when it doesn’t happen. F*** NO. They have a significant role to play in this shambles. Stop saying we want a 20 goal a year striker. First of all, they are at a premium and I did not need to spend 4 years studying Economics at York University to figure out that they are going to cost a pretty penny. But when you show that you are desperate in a capitalist market be prepared for the market to price disseminate and charge you more for prized assets. Our transfers have been shambolic they really have. They should not get a free pass on this and we should continue to lambast them. In addition, all the promises that were made and have since been broken, let’s not forget or forgive them either, but let’s have some perspective…

Just because you see smoke does not mean there is a fire and just as you see more rumours about West Ham then game of thrones season 7 in the media does not mean that we are serious about signing that player.

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