Sams Blog Part 4

Where do I start this week!

This week is all about press releases and building up a database of contacts to be able to send it too. So here I am, taking a break from that to tell you all about what I’m up to.

With PitchDMM Twitter now looking healthy and ticking over, now is the perfect opportunity to build some contacts for our press release. Should be easy, right? So far, I have about 30 contacts. And I’m frantically trawling the internet for email addresses and contact numbers. It’s silly. These people just don’t seem to want to part with their details….. unless I’m looking in completely the wrong places for this information!

Shocking really!

Still, it was my birthday on Sunday just gone…the grand old age of 25…. And while in the midst of my celebrations…. Guess what?!?! I HAD THE OFFSIDE RULE EXPLAINED TO ME!! In what I like to call “Sam” terms. I think I’ve grasped the concept of onside and off side now, when the ball is in play and where the defenders are. Who knew there were markers to show where the defenders where!! I didn’t!! Don’t laugh, I know what you’re all thinking…. Christ, who let her market a Football App…..

In other news, Arsenal won the Community Shield on penalties did they?? Well done lads. But….one thing I do know about football…. SINCE WHEN DID ARSENAL WIN ON PENALTIES???? That really did deserve a #ChangingTheGame on our twitter.


On that note…. I’m off to hide and wait the response from “Gunner” fans haha.



Sam x

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