Stu’s Blog Part 4

Almost there. As long as the gap between Premier League seasons seems to be, pre-season seems to be flying by. There’s been the usual over extravagant transfers and the usual pundits predicting the usual under-performing teams to win the league (although I was presently surprised to see ex-Arsenal player Paul Merson predict A*****l to finish outside of the top 4). Personally, I think that the top 5 or 6 will fight it out and to be honest, any of them could win it. As a Tottenham fan, I would love to say we will win the league but I have been a Spurs lad for far too long to be that optimistic!

Tottenham however, do need to win something this year. I love seeing my beloved Lilywhites in the top positions of the division but what does that amount to other than a bit of extra money in the ENIC coffers? A second-place finish was tremendous last year, we were the only team to even come close to upsetting Chelsea’s league dominance and of course finishing way ahead of the old enemy is always nice but they, unlike us, did end the season with silverware. Spurs can and will league at some point soon, but only if the silver starts to flow in and the players do not leave. Remember, Alex Ferguson had been Man Utd’s manager for 6 years before they won the league and began their dominance, but they were winning cups beforehand….

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