Susannah’s Blog Part 1

My husband is a West Ham fan, when born, he was wrapped in his Fathers WHU scarf securing the fact this would be his lifelong passion. Swaddled up in the colours as a child it was, and has been the only team to be part of his life. Luckily, when we met, if I were forced to pick a team, I too would choose WHU, so when our daughter started to show a keen interest in Football it was obvious she would become a season ticket holder.

After watching her first live stadium game, she returned, 8 years old and excited about the train journey, the hustle and bustle, the atmosphere – but most of all the comments she heard and agreed with about the game. Her opening statement when asked by myself if she had enjoyed the game were “Mummy – The ref may as well have played for the opposition!!”

She had clearly spent too long on the train home with her father, he and I have been together for over 15 years, and every week I tell him to moan about the game to someone who really cares and he tells me “No one listens to the fans” and he is right.

This summer Manchester City has spent more on Full-backs than Brighton did building their stadium and training ground …… is that right?

The world transfer record was broken with a 220 Million Euro fee this season.

Should the teams be so adversely different, or should the ‘playing field’ be more even, or is this what makes the game so intriguing when the underdogs can still win the League?

Are we compelled to have views even if we don’t ‘love’ the sport because it is so provocative and divisive, yet tribal and inclusive.

My passion for football is different, I don’t ‘love’ the game for its beauty, but I love the opportunity if gives my husband and daughter week-in-week out as they grow together. I don’t question the money involved, its business and privately run so that is the owners and shareholders debate to have. What I do know is that those who hold up the game, the Fans, should have a voice.

My daughter wants a voice, even at 9, my husband still wants one as a lifetime fan – so I hope I have now given it to them, and to all the Fans out there who’s opinions matters and should count.

As a Fan – Be heard: Your Club, Your Voice. PitchDMM App for all Football team. #HaveYourSay #ChangingTheGame

Download and enjoy using the PitchDMM App, as we at PitchDMM genuinely look forward to sharing everything you say with those that need to know, the Board, MOTD, the Commentators, the Media, the other Fans – We will ensure you are heard.

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