Sams Blog Part 5

Press releases, press releases and more press releases…..

Finally. This week, the press release has gone out!! The most nerve racking thing was pressing send on that first one, I don’t know why but it filled me with dread! The team’s hard work had suddenly made everything become real.

The reality of the matter is… it is real…. It’s live…. It’s out there for people to download and use now! Our little team…. We’ve created an app!! How mad Is that!!

It wasn’t without its technical issues. Nothing is ever as straight forward as you hoped it would be! And I’m sure there will be more as things move along. We will tackle them as and when they happen! Technology at its best, eh!

The real task now for me, is making sure I’m advertising this across social media correctly, again you’ll probably roll your eyes and say “How hard can it be” but if I don’t get it right, it could partially ruin everything our team has worked so hard for. If we don’t get an audience engaged in downloading and using the app, everything we’ve done and created would be for nothing. What would be the point in something if nobody uses it, right?!

So, as I’m sitting here in what is my lunch break telling you all about what we’re up to. You might be tucking into a sandwich too, or on the train to an important business meeting, who knows…. But while you’re here, give the App a download for us, let us know what you think of it! IT’S FREE!

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