Stu’s Blog Part 5

So, the talk of the last few days in the football world has been about the possible shortening of the transfer window for the Premier League.

I for one have often wondered why the window continues through the start of the season as it is and can only see ending it at the end of July as a positive. With no movement of players when the season starts it will give teams the opportunity to solely concentrate of their football rather than when the next big signing will come. Too much time is spent chasing players and this needs to be done before the season begins. It will make the pre-season more exciting for fans also as with the window being so short, teams will be in a mad rush to get their transfer targets locked down as quickly as possible.

Some teams already do this – identify the transfer target and get the job done ASAP. Others don’t… Of the 3 clubs that have apparently voted against this idea of finishing the window before the season has begun, what is the betting that Tottenham are one of them? Over the years, Spurs fans have sat throughout July and August watching as X signs Y and A signs B and then done all of their business in the last couple of days of the transfer window. This, as a fan, can be infuriating. I am aware that a club must cover all bases to make sure that they are getting the right guy, but to be honest I can count on one hand the amount of times that we’ve signed the ‘right guy’ this way. More often than not our last-minute buys seem to be panic ones. For every Van der Vaart we have a Sissoko. This window change would even out the transfer playing field and force Levy to make the deals in a more timely fashion. As it turns out, as I alluded to in a previous blog, we don’t need to make any massive big name signings as our first team is arguably one of the strongest in the league but beyond that we do need like for like players and getting those signed sooner would only be a good thing.

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