Stu’s Blog Part 6

I was visiting my uncle on this past bank holiday weekend and after eating our rather impressive ‘RBD’ Burgers from the Kingsbridge Inn Uncle Dave suggested we head back to his and watch the Spurs v Burnley match. He is unfortunately a Man Utd fan but he is aware of my Tottenham allegiance and was willing to gut out a match for me.

I am ashamed to say it, but I do not watch a lot of Tottenham’s matches live, although in my defence I do have an extremely valied reason for this. You see, whenever I watch the mighty Spurs they do not win. I’m not kidding. If I watch the match live on TV, 90% of the time we will lose or draw so (also for my own sanity) I choose not to watch a lot of live football and stick to highlights later in the day.

Sunday was a case in point. Look at these stats:

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.08.08

It is ridiculous. That match should have been put to bed but no, a late equaliser ruined that. Tottenham had the ball for large lengths of time and did very little with it. To be fair to Burnley, they did set out to stifle Spurs and kept virtually their whole team back, especially in the first half and we just couldn’t get through. Similar story in the 2nd half until they changed formation and went 2 up front and made a bit more of a game of it, however, that also left the clarets open and if it wasn’t for an inspired goalkeeping effort from Heaton it could’ve been worse for them but to be fair, it should of been anyway.

So Tottenham fans. I apologise. You cannot blame Trippier and his poor positioning, or Kane not finding his scoring boots in August, or our Wembley jinx. No. You can blame me. If I wasn’t watching it I guarantee it would’ve been a 5-0 win!

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