Football Returns

So Premier League football is set to return as you may have heard. There are still so many questions to be answered and we must respect those that are nervous about going back to work be it staff or players. Much has been made of the money that players are paid since the idea of the relaunch of the league was raised but this is a little bit of a red herring for me. I believe all players should be back by the time the first ball is kicked however I also feel that the clubs and the authorities must make sure that necessary precautions are put in place to protect everyone that will be involved. This includes the players, first team staff, kit men (people), physios, chefs, receptionists, TV crews should they be permitted….the list goes on.

Let’s say that the squad and those around them are required to isolate away from their families in order to see out season 19/20 – what then? For me this would be a no brainer, I would need to do everything in my power to help the club gain the best possible finish to the league given the financial numbers at stake between each position. Squad bonuses probably depend on finishing position. After all we are talking no more than 6-7 weeks to get this season completed and that seems like a fairly small sacrifice (and this is only my opinion) to make for the good of the Club that employs me. The prize money for final standing is huge! Last season Huddersfield were awarded £1.9m for finishing 20th and Cardiff earned £5.8m for 18th with both teams going down. That highlights the business requirement for a team to fight to the last even if relegation is a given; mathematically no club is currently doomed. If you look at Bournemouth occupying  18th and let’s say they got themselves out of trouble to finish 15th which is wholly possible; not only would they avoid relegation they’d also earn themselves an additional £5.7m (on last year’s figures). So from a WHU fan’s perspective (mine) I expect over the coming weeks each player and member of staff to do all they can to get us out of the mess that they have gotten us in to and I would imagine most opposing fans would expect the same from their respective players and staff members.

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