Who will thrive?

I was posed an interesting point this morning and it got me thinking about who may benefit and who may suffer from playing behind closed doors. The point raised was whether Granit Xhaka would benefit from playing without the fans in the stadium, we all know his relationship with the Arsenal fans is incredibly tenuous to say the least. I am not sure that Xhaka is the type of player to be able to get himself up for games without an atmosphere be it a negative or positive one. I may be proved wrong but it will certainly be interesting to see. It stands to reason that the sides with the best atmospheres in their home grounds may suffer a little in the run in, it’s obvious that an empty Kop will carry far less intimidation factor than a full one. Liverpool, Leicester, Palace, Sheffield Utd, Brighton (to some extent) may suffer where as it could be suggested that West Ham, Watford and even Villa may benefit from not having a 35k-55k nervy, confidence sapping fans gasping at every missed placed pass, every missed header. Could this in fact be a great chance to introduce some U23 players as they’re far more used to playing in empty stadiums? Will Man Utd players be able to get their heads around an empty Old Trafford? Will West Ham players bask in the quiet of the London Stadium? I am looking forward to finding out….

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