Stu’s Blog Part 7

There was an international break last week but now we’re back to Premier League action and we can all wake up again. International football is so boring. Seriously. My first recollection of football of any kind was the 1986 World Cup (yes, I am that old!). I was mesmerised by the passion showed by the […]

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Stu’s Blog Part 6

I was visiting my uncle on this past bank holiday weekend and after eating our rather impressive ‘RBD’ Burgers from the Kingsbridge Inn Uncle Dave suggested we head back to his and watch the Spurs v Burnley match. He is unfortunately a Man Utd fan but he is aware of my Tottenham allegiance and was […]

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Susannah’s Day Out

On Friday our illustrious leader Susannah met with our Pitch App ambassador John Salako; As some of you will know, John Salako is a commentator for Sky Sports and invited Susannah to join him for his Soccer AM appearance the following day. Of course seeing an opportunity to put herself in front of some Sky […]

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Stu’s Blog Part 5

So, the talk of the last few days in the football world has been about the possible shortening of the transfer window for the Premier League. I for one have often wondered why the window continues through the start of the season as it is and can only see ending it at the end of […]

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Stu’s Blog Part 4

Almost there. As long as the gap between Premier League seasons seems to be, pre-season seems to be flying by. There’s been the usual over extravagant transfers and the usual pundits predicting the usual under-performing teams to win the league (although I was presently surprised to see ex-Arsenal player Paul Merson predict A*****l to finish […]

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Stuarts Blog part 3

Football in the media and general punditry… Do you get handouts for only talking about specific clubs? It is hard to believe I know, but there are in fact other clubs than the two Manchester teams and Chelsea. For the last couple of seasons Tottenham have finished above both of the Manc clubs and for […]

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Stuarts Blog Part 2

As a Tottenham fan I am pleased we haven’t bought anyone. We don’t need to upgrade the first team. For the last 2 years we’ve had the best defensive record and the top goalscorer in the Premier League and last year 2 of our midfielders hit or almost hit the 20 goal mark. What we […]

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